Proper Placement of Speakers for Home Entertainment Systems

Audio is just as important as visual when it comes to most forms of entertainment. This is particularly true when it comes to the home entertainment system. Several different components are necessary to deliver quality audio. One of these is the speakers.

Placement of Speakers

The big focus is on surround sound when it comes to the home theatre. The first priority is buying good-quality speakers, but equally important is where to place them, so they can be used to their best potential.

Listening Position

When placing your left and right speakers, you first need to determine what the listening positions are going to be. Those seats that are directly in front of the television are going to be the focal point. The speakers should be slightly put on an angle towards this seating. When seated, the tweeters should be right at ear level.

Channel Speaker

This particular speaker should either be above or below the television and tilted, so the sound it emits is received at ear level.

Surround Speakers

These are a favourite of many because most believe they deliver the ultimate experience for sound. There are different types of surround systems.

Using a Subwoofer

There is some flexibility when finding the right place for this type of audio system. If you want more bass, then place it against a wall. Using a wireless subwoofer allows for greater flexibility. Two is better than one if you’re going to enhance the listening experience.

The Room Shape

The shape of the room really plays a big part in the quality of the audio. Some places create more challenges than others. Some of the variations are when it is an L-shaped room, or the tv is in the corner or perhaps there is an open floor plan. To compensate for some of these odd rooms, a 3:1 system may be a good choice.