The Growth of CCTV Surveillance

The majority of people take some steps to secure the safety and privacy of their homes. Some do more than others. There are plenty of home and lifestyle products on the market to help them do this. One that grew in popularity very quickly was CCTV Surveillance.

What is CCTV Surveillance

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. Many refer to this as video surveillance because of the way it works. Monitors are used for capturing what is taking place in vicinities where cameras have been placed. When the cameras are used in property settings, it allows the user from the inside of their home to see what is taking place in certain areas. Being able to do this caused an increased popularity in this type of system to increase security within a home or business.

Camera Options

Part of the CCTV system is comprised of cameras. Without these, the system would be useless. It is the cameras that capture the data that is displayed on the monitors, which are the other component of a CCTV system.

Types of Cameras:

As CCTV grew in popularity, higher quality cameras were introduced along with different types. These include:

  • Wired cameras: These cameras operate off cables to be able to transmit the data as video data. They were the most common when these systems came out. However, they did have some problems such as weak signals when the transmission range became too large.
  • Analog cameras: Also, one of the first types of cameras to be used and were and still are considered to be reliable.
  • Internet protocol cameras: These camera systems are far more advanced. Just one of their many features is the zoom capabilities and different options for viewing the data collected.

Several other components are required for a complete CCTV system that is going to live up to its expectations.